He was nineteen when he started to build my first home; He bought the property in high school with his paper route money. His dad and brother helped to build the house and it took about two years to finish but it was accomplished with all cash and He was working at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton Washington as a Welding apprentice. During the four years as an apprentice, He was also attending Olympic college pursuing an Engineering degree. After his apprenticeship he became a nuclear welder, welding on reactor plants in Naval Vessels.

He soon received a promotion to Nuclear Inspector and He spent several years in that position. He then moved to an engineering branch, non- Nuclear testing branch, He achieved a chief test engineer position and worked there until retirement in 1994.

He built condos with His brother. They built 200 condo units in the Bremerton/ Seattle area called Sea Brim condos; they also built a marina on Port Washington narrows just in front of the condos, with floating concrete walks ways and all the hook ups for large boats.

He was involved in building three archery Ranges; He was involved in target archery and bow hunting. He helped start a 501C3 non- profit organization; its mission was to assist the Washington State Wildlife department in supplying volunteers to handle projects that the department could not staff due to budget deficiencies. He wrote grants to support the many programs required by the game department.

After retirement from the shipyard he started Construction Company, and acquired a real estate license, remolded homes and built out commercial properties. He recently built three large homes in the Seattle area that sold for two million plus each. Most recently he built a sixty eight acre winery in Walla Walla Washington, Where it is producing Spanish wines.

He is currently working as a real estate agent at the Oasis village selling residential and commercial properties throughout Riverside County

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